Number of hives maintained by Canetis SRL for in-house use averages 20-25. These beehives and the colonies they house have allowed us to test the developing sensors, including the bee counter. The ease of fitting, the impedance to passage of bees, the stability of the materials used for construction, the maintenance required by the user, accuracy of the sensor’s measurements (see previous news article – Bee counter sensor – accuracy evaluation) are just some of the fundamental qualities of the sensor that we have worked on.

During the last months of 2021 we have faced the need to increase the reliability of the data communications within- and out of- apiary. For this purpose we have included an extra 20 beehives at one of our sites that we know has weak reception, thus putting the system to its test, in different configurations of beehives and various signal strengths. This is allowing us to make the necessary adjustments for increased communication reliability, a feature which will be key if the system is to be used ubiquitously given the fact that so many apiaries are situated in remote areas often with poor signal reception.


Canetis SRL experimental apiary